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Monday - Friday 12:00-7:00
Saturday 11:00-7:00
Sunday 12:00-5:00

104 E Main Street; Anoka MN

We invite you to call in or come by to experience our work in Love and Light. Regain your life's balance in our shop full of locally sourced stones, incense, clearing tools and essential oils. Our store is run by a premier group of hand-picked practitioners who are experts in spiritual guidance, healing and energy work. Some of our specialties include:

• Intuitive Shamanic Services
• Shamanic Journeys
• Tarot Card Readings
• Psychic Readings
• Oracle Card Readings
• Crystal/Stone Readings
• Angel Card Readings
• Numerology Readings
• Reflexology
• Reiki
• Hands on Healing
• Spiritual Quantum Bio-feedback
• Thai Body Work/Polarity Work
• Pranic Healing
• Animal Communication
• Reiki for Animals
• Life Coaching
• Classes
• Yoga
• Private Parties Available

Let us help you balance your soul and get back into the flow of Spirit! Call now or come into our shop to schedule an appointment today!

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